Can I change my log-in email address?

When I created my Asana account I used the email address for my business at the time. I’ve since changed the name of my business and that original email account no longer exists anymore. I’ve been update to update the “to email address” for notifications but I can’t find any way to change the email address I use to log-in.

This is extremely important as this is the one support uses when they reply back to a ticket … which I just submitted for a MAJOR issue I’m having and will now not be able to see their response to.


Hi @Britany_Felix - You can add your new email address in your ‘My Profile Settings’ and then remove your old email address.
This will let you get email notifications to that new address and log in using that, too.
@Michael_A - is that right?


Thanks for looping me in @Shannon_McNeil

You’re absolutely right. To swap out your log-in, regain access to your Asana account via your original log in email, add your new email account, then remove the one you no longer use via instructions here (How to Control Your Profile Settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide).

This should swap out your Asana log in email!

Hope this helps @Britany_Felix!


This did help and it appears to have worked. Thank you!!!


What about if Asana won’t send a verification mail on my G Suite email account?


@Michael_A is this only working for paid accounts? Seems like I cannot add a new email to my asana. :confused:


Hi @Leon_Hoffmann,

If you’re having trouble, I recommend getting in touch with our support team via Asana Support - Help Center • Asana. They’d be happy to help! Make sure you indicate your current login and your preferred login.

Please note that while you may add more than one email to your account, if your Asana organization is protected via 2fAuth/SAML then there may be limitations on which account you can log in with. Our team will be able to better discern this, based on you org’s settings for you than I can at the moment.

Hope this helps!

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Why can’t I delete my account and create a new one? When I tried to add my email address, Asana, for some reason, decided to merge my two accounts. It means I have no other option, but to stick to my old email address, because I can’t delete my old account, it will be there, just hanging all the time.

I just want to DELETE my account or CHANGE the email address.



Will this allow me to keep everything on my account or will I have to start from scratch. I think I know the answer but I must make sure