Can someone explain how profile/login/notifications email work in Asana please?

Hi. I am very confused by my account email so could someone explain it all to me?

Situation is this… I want to change my login to use Google. I cant see a way to do this. So I thought I would change my login email to my Gmail email, maybe that will allow me to sign in with my Google account.

Thing is, there is no field to change the login email like all other systems. In my profile my email is greyed out.

BUT to add to the confusion, the email in my profile is not my login email. Its a different one I have. And the same in Notifications, the emails listed in the dropdown are different emails to my login.

If I switch to my Personal account, I have MORE emails in the Notifications drop down, including the one I use to login.

So it’s extremely confusing.

How do I change my login email?
Why are there different emails in the Notifications section for Personal to organisation?
Why is my login using one of the emails in the Notification list in my Personal section, and not the email listed in my profile section (which is uneditable).

To make matters worse, when I add new emails in the Notification area I am not getting the verification email from Asana.

But even when I try to add a new email, it still just shows the message its sent an email to the previous Gmail email I try to add. It does not show its sent an email to a new email I added.

Its all a very strange setup with email and I cant change my login because of it.

Thank you

Hi @Laurence_Cope, thanks for reaching out!

You can login with Google following the steps shared in this comment on another thread.

You can add a new email address to your Asana account following these steps:

  • Click your profile picture
  • Access My Profile Settings
  • Access the Notifications Settings
  • From this tab you can add or remove your email addresses

Please note that if you are part of an Organization, you won’t be able to remove the email address associated with your Organization unless you leave it.

Personal Projects have very limited functionalities comparing to workspaces and Organizations. To give you some context, we are planning to depreciate them in the near future (you can learn more about it in Why maintain Personal Projects? . For this reason, I highly suggest you to create a brand new Workspace (private to yourself) and to transfer all your Projects and Tasks using Ditto This way you won’t be experiencing this issue anymore.

Our support team is in a better position to give you a tailored answer to this question, I recommend you to contact them: How to contact our Support Team ✉. Unfortunately I don’t have the tools in the forum to have a closer look at your account setup and investigate this further.

I hope this helps! but if you have any further questions or any confusion, please let our support team know and they can clarify it for you!