Changing log-in email address - ramifications?

I am a virtual assistant working with a client who is planning in the next several months to leave the organization she has been working with. Her current Asana log-in email is associated with that organization (same domain).

Currently, with her Asana account, she is associated with this organization and, separately, with a workspace that’s for projects related to her entrepreneurial venture.

The goal is to make sure that she doesn’t lose access to Asana should she leave the organization abruptly. (They’re clearly heading in separate directions and the hope is to make a smooth transition that works for both parties, but there’s always the chance things don’t work out that way.)

What are the ramifications of changing her log-in email address from the one associated with her organization to the email address associated with her independent venture?

If she does this now, months ahead of time (hopefully), will she still be able to access her organization in Asana?

If she waits until she leaves, does she risk losing access to her independent workspace?

Any intermediate steps she should take right away, as a preparatory step for transitioning?

Right now, there isn’t a whole lot of data in her workspace. Would it make the most sense for her to start a NEW Asana account, using her non-organization email for accessing her workspace? And then, when she leaves her organization, she can simply deactivate the Asana account associated with her organization and continue on with the other. Any drawbacks to this other than that she would have to log into and out of two separate Asana accounts for a while?

Just trying to think through all these options so she can choose the path forward that has the most upside with the least risk of losing access to her own workspace.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Nicole_Paull, thanks for reaching out!

We always recommend having a second email address added to your account so you don’t lose access to your personal Workspaces if you are removed from the Organization.

Please note that the Organization membership is based on the domain, so if you have the email address you will automatically be a member of the Organization. If you remove the email but you have an email address, you will still have access to the Workspaces you created.

You can add your second email address following these steps: How to control your profile settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana

She needs to add her second email address before being removed from the Organization so she doesn’t lose access to her entire Asana account.

Yes, she cal lose access to her account if the only email address is the one associated with the Organization and she loses access.

No, it’s better if she keeps the same account instead of creating a new one. It would be more work if she creates a new Asana account as she would need to manually re-assign all tasks. If she keeps the same account, everything will stay the same!

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply, Emily!

So to confirm, even if her log-in email address remains the one related to the organization (it will be deleted from their system once she leaves), she won’t have a problem accessing her workspace so long as she has a secondary email address added to her profile before she leaves the organization?

If the above is true, then once she does part ways with the organization (and her current log-in email address is deleted from their system), how does she go about changing the email address that she uses for logging in? Or does it even matter, in terms of retaining access to her Asana account?

Or can she do the following now without any negative ramifications (again, the goal being to ensure that she can both access the organization and her personal workspace without interruption)?

  1. Add a personal email address to her profile
  2. Make that personal email address the one that she uses when she logs in to her Asana account, but keep the organization email address in her profile as a secondary one

If taking those two steps now makes sense for meeting the goal, how does she go about actually making the change to the log-in email address?

Thanks very much!

In a nutshell, the question is: How will logging in work after she leaves the organization if her organization-specific email (which she currently uses to log in) goes away? Will she be able to log in using her secondary email address as the log-in email?

Yes, that’s right :slight_smile: As soon as she’s removed from the Organization, the email address associated with the Organization will be automatically removed from the account as well. She will still be able to login using the secondary email address. For this reason, is important she adds the secondary email address before being deprovisioned from the Organization.

She doesn’t need to change her email address. As mentioned above, the secondary email address will be the main email associated with the account because the email associated with the Organization will be removed.

The steps are also correct if she wants to keep both emails associated with the account.

She doesn’t need to take any further actions but just add the secondary email address. Once she adds a secondary email address, she will be able to login using both email addresses.

OK, one last question. You said:

“She doesn’t need to take any further actions but just add the secondary email address. Once she adds a secondary email address, she will be able to login using both email addresses.”

However, she has added the secondary email address to her profile, but is not able to log in using that secondary email address. She’s only able to log in using the organization-specific email address.

Can you help us troubleshoot that issue?

Sorry to keep asking questions, but it would be such a pain if she lost access to her Asana account that I really want to make sure we have the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed before there’s ever a problem. Thanks again for your help!