Changing account

I am a new user of Asana. I like it a lot. Now, I am using the Basic plan and I am logging in using my Google account with my Gmail address. Soon, I will upgrade to the Premium plan and, for that, I want to log in using my domain’s email address. Will I be able to move my projects from my Google account to the new account using my domain’s email address? Thanks.

Hi @Dik_F_Liu, thanks for reaching out and welcome to Asana!

You can add multiple email addresses to your Asana account. With multiple email addresses associated with your account, you can log into your account using any of your email addresses and access your tasks and projects. You can find all the steps to add your company email address to your existing Asana account in this article.

If you already created an Asana account with your company email address, you can merge your two Asana accounts following these steps.

I hope this helps!