Merging accounts

I am trying to add another email address to my account, but I’m prompted to reauth via Google. When I do, Asana displays the following message: “You must login to Google with an email address associated with this account”. The other email address does have a separate account. I want to merge the two accounts. Has anyone run into this issue?


Nevermind. I figured it out. I had to log out and log back in without using the Google Sign-In option.

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Hi @Wick and for the reply a tad late! Glad you worked it out, thanks for keeping us posted!

@Wick I am running into this problem as well. It isn’t clear to me where in the flow I need to log out and log back in. Do you happen to remember?

I don’t entirely remember the order, but my issue was resolved my logging out of my Google accounts associated with each Asana account. Sorry if that is not very helpful.

No worries - thanks for the help!