Change login method to use google SSO

I have found a similar post to explain how to change your password after initially setting up an account to be linked to Google sign in. I’m wondering how I can change my account login to be linked to google sign in if I initially created my account with a user/pass? I’d like to associate it to my google account and be able to take advantage of the integration.

You could sign in with Google to create a new account and then merge the two accounts. You can look at Merge 2 Asana Accounts? for directions. @Marie will confirm this works, but I am pretty sure it does :slight_smile:

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Hi @Adam_Smith2 and welcome to the Forum!

The quickest way to achieve what you’re looking for, is to log out of your account, and click on “Sign-in with google” on the logging page. You will then both be able to sign in with your password and with you Google account!

Hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything I can help with!

But @Marie that only works if both email addresses are the same right?

There is no need to create a new account to enable SSO, this can be done with the existing account and email address attached to this account :slight_smile:

My point is: if I have an account with my email, logout and login using Google with, Asana has no way to tell they are the same account. However using Google to login again with, you will, doesn’t it?

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