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Can't invite new member in my team via email.
Really slow loading time on project board view
Multiple Profile Angst
recurring tasks don't show up after completion
Extremely slow downloads from Asana
Asana is crashing when trying to type in Comment section
Can't change email address
Deleting my Organization
Remove a template made by former colleague
Rights to assign tasks - very strange behavior
Reset guest password asks for current password
How often do Asana tasks update in Google Calendar?
Can't restore the deleted project
Password Recovery for new account
Invite by e-mail not working for a specific e-mail address
Cannot scroll up or down in columns of project
Slack notifications aren't working
Removing old member names from Assignee option
Are Workspaces free in Asana?
PNG file takes too long to load and also in downloading.
Importing task via sending email not working
Multiple account switching
PNG file takes too long to load and also in downloading.
Asana won't load
Remove suggested emails and change team member names
SSL error in firefox.
Change the main admin person
Cancel request to join team missing?
How do I receive google browser notifications on Macbook
Not receiving Notifications
Need to merge my old account and new
Unable to add members in a Project
Asana for Outlook ad on issues
Non-US Student Account
Account disappeared
Change Workspace admin
My projects are suddenly "Private to Me" and I can't add guests unless I upgrade
Understanding the Asana pricing
Upgrade to Premium, few questions
Forms are now even more powerful and customisable!
Student Upgrade - Is it possible to activate Timeline trial in the mean-time?
Daily emails not showing tasks due for the current day
Adding guest to a workspace
How to manage Asana Seats
Not Receiving Email or Slack notifications when Board moved to new column
Attempting to reinstall Asana for Outlook
Admin edit options of project I am not a part of?
Admin edit options of project I am not a part of?
Get access back after deprovisioning
Get access back after deprovisioning
Lost Access to a Private Project
Asana not loading at all
My Tasks sync tasks to Google Calendar Not working
Trying to contact Asana for a refund
Asana (Forums) bug reporting (Feedback) is nearly uncomprehensible
Owner removed me from Workspace, and the private projects I created underneath are now gone
Asana needs to be reloaded every single day
Multiple Teams access to Premium Plan Features
Guest account troubeshooting
I always get this on Asana
Undo Deleted Project
Asana is not working its just loading and loading
Upgrading Seats
I paid for 5 seats, then I added two colleagues more and a few months later, it charged me
Board is empty, while list and calendar are working.
New! Achieve your most important objectives with Goals
Deactivate the account
I can not add the file to asana
Deleted user - important projects lost!
More Unicorns when completing tasks
Email to join failing to send
Email to join failing to send
Feature Request: Combine accounts
Business Emails
eliminazione account gruppo di lavoro 4utime
Need to discuss moving your tasks and projects to the new Organization.
eliminazione account gruppo di lavoro 4utime
New, improved Microsoft Teams integration!
Project Members see each others anonymized?
Change primary email address
Asana for Students
Asana Students free
Lost Teams
Can't access a project
I literally cannot contact support because it doesn't allow me in any browser and I have many issues
Update Password Confirmation Message
Tasks are not cycling through to next date!!!!
Sync MyTasks to Outlook app on Mac
Auto forwarding Stopped working
Salesforce Reporting - Asana Task status
Asana Freezing When I try to open task details even in Incognito
Block domain user from adding their own account
Portfolio limit at 193 Projects
Merge 2 Asana Accounts?
How do I combine two paid accounts (set up a separate teams) into the organization
Trying to update email of primary account holder
Connect Microsoft OneDrive with Asana
Can't log in recently
Billing Records: I need records of past payments
Asana doesn't filter extra `.` in gmail email addresses
Column function SUM not calculating correctly on Dashboard
Microsoft Teams: Can't find project when trying to link
Can't edit/delete/reassign owner to a Template
Cookie settings for whitelist
Image thumbnails are not showing in task details or board
Issues in Advanced search and having sub tasks populate
SAML works fine via Browser but an endless loop using Mobile App
Cannot import CSV file
Sort by Last Modified shows old tasks
Android app - cant view or download PDF
Unable to assign task or due date in quick view
Asana not loading in Google Chrome
How can I reboot the entire Organization?
Asana Chrome Extension - cannot save tasks - says not logged in
Zombie Project Templates
Limited Access Member Can't Trigger Rules
Template Start/End Dates working properly only on certain weekdays
Asana not loading in Google Chrome
Linux commands became "smart" spaces and they do not work when copied and pasted
Email Notifications When Task Moves Columns Within Board View
Asana keeps crashing when pasting information in the task description
Unable to delete or archive projects
Accidentally removed someone from a team and now he can't find his private board
Asana Vat Number
Unable to open the Asana Android app
Sudden password change
When I add my business mail I am not receiving a confirmation email
Having trouble deleting a team that I've created
Delete Template if you are just allowed to comment
Email forward task, duplicating
I need to delete a project from another creator
I accidentally left a workspace that I created, and I lost a project I didn't meant to delete
Due dates for different occurrences of the same task reverting to the earliest due date
Line breaks when exporting CSV
Drag and drop is super slow in Firefox
Cuenta premium para 1 usuario
Add File from Dropbox - Can't Exit Out of Window
Asana keeps crashing and asking me to reload when i cut and try to paste text
Cannot add user
Forms spam
Default "Home Workspace"
Unable to close "Your 30-day trial has ended" pop up
Problem Linking Slack to Asana (I have 2 Asana accounts)
You can now embed attachments in your comments!
Merging account B to account A, and then closing account A: what will happen?
Invited a user with wrong email, can't get rid of them
Como volto no Asana
duplicates of fields appearing in ASANA tasks
Invitations to projects are not being sent
Unable to log in Asana. Hangs at loading page
Cannot link email