Log in issue with secondary email address

I am a virtual assistant working with a client with a problem logging into Asana.

She is able to log in with one email address (the one associated with the organization she works with), but not with the secondary email address (the one associated with her personal workspace).

My understanding is that she should be able to log in using either of those email addresses. Am I understanding incorrectly?

Assuming I am, what are likely causes for the fact that logging in with her secondary email address isn’t working?

It’s not a problem yet, but it has potential to become one, as she is planning to part ways with her organization in the foreseeable future. Once she does that, she’ll lose her access to Asana if she isn’t able to log in using that secondary email address.

In case it’s helpful, additional background information was shared here:

Thank you for your help!

Sorry I meant to say “Am I understanding correctly?” in paragraph three, above. :slight_smile:

OK, to be clear, she has added the secondary email address already.

The problem is that she is not able to log in using that secondary email address.

How do we fix that?

Hi @Nicole_Paull, thanks for reaching out!

In this case, it’s possible that the Organization requires members to login using their G Suite account (Google SSO) or an specific identity provider: Premium / Enterprise password authentication | Product guide • Asana

If the Organization Admins have made this change, any passwords associated to your clients Asana account will no longer work and they will be required to use Google SSO or SAML.

Unfortunately I’m not able to confirm weather they have any of this settings enabled on their account as I don’t have the tools in the forum. You can recommend them to contact our support team and we will be able to confirm: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: