Feature Request: Background Template

I have been an avid user for quite some time now, relying on it daily to streamline my tasks and projects efficiently.

While Asana has undoubtedly been a valuable asset in my workflow, I have one suggestion that I believe could significantly enhance the user experience and ultimately boost productivity for many users like me. I’d like to propose the implementation of a feature that allows users to customize the theme, and I am confident that this enhancement would resonate positively with your user community.

As I spend a substantial amount of time using the platform, having the ability to select and upload my preferred background color or even entire themes would make a world of difference. The existing backgrounds and colors are no longer as stimulating, and I find myself craving a change to help keep my workspace fresh and engaging.

I sincerely hope that you will consider my feedback and assess the feasibility of incorporating customizable backgrounds into Asana’s feature set. It is my firm belief that this enhancement will be warmly welcomed by the entire Asana community, contributing to a more productive and enjoyable experience for all.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am eager to witness Asana’s ongoing growth and look forward to even greater efficiency and user satisfaction in the future!

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You’ll see that the interface in Asana is barely customisable. We now have project icons but that’s it. I believe, and that’s my personal opinion, that Asana doesn’t allow customisation because most people just suck at design :sweat_smile: and they will create ugly things.

Remember MySpace pages? They were awful. As an editor, you don’t want people to say “Asana is ugly” when in fact the problem comes from clients…

That being said, in the Enterprise world specifically, you expect to be able to customise so I believe we’ll see more and more of those customisation.