Custom Backgrounds


Uploading custom backgrounds could be a fun addition.

I have a really cute dog. I’m just sayin. :slight_smile:

Background request
Custom Background for Specific Project

Put me down for this too! I’ve often wondered if this might be on the development radar for the future.


Yes, please! As a recent switch from Trello and a visual person, I really miss my custom backgrounds.


Try using a Chrome extension called Stylish. It will let you apply custom backgrounds (and any other custom css that you want) to Asana along with virtually any site.

Definitely requires a little bit of setup, but I’ve been using it for a while with no issues. The community behind it has some nice pre-made Asana themes as well that are a one click setup within the extension.


Hi, is it possible to have a different background for each project?


Hi @Caroline_Robertson

It’s not currently possible, but you could change the category of this post to Product Feedback and open it up for votes.

Or you could vote and add a comment on this thread:


When can we have custom displays?

It would be good to have project displays, so the background can be a particular image relevant to the project, so project members know which project they’re in based on the image.

The Asana displays are all pretty annoying and it would be nicer to use if we could make these small customisations.

It’s possible in trello and makes the application feel more personable.


I miss mine too!


I’d love to see this too.


Just a simple colour palette would be really nice. The white boxes don’t always “pop” visually when there’s such a bright background or a bright element in one of your stock images.

Colouring columns in some manner could be really nice too.


Yes please, Team Asana!

My world would be pretty much complete with the option of custom backgrounds for each project… I’d be more than happy to pay for the privilege (ideally as part of a $10 - $15 p/m single-user pricing plan that included even just a handful of the other premium features) too. Dat’d be grand :smiley:


Honestly this is like two days of development, and would make a big difference, really not sure why it is not.


Yes please prioritize this. Custom backgrounds are a must have…


It would be great if a project owner could set a custom background specific to each project!

I use Asana mainly to manage events and have many on the go at once, it would be great if I could set a specific background to each project - such as the event branding or a photo from a previous year. There are many project members in each project so having this available to only the project owner would be ideal.

(I have also voted on Custom Backgrounds separately :slight_smile: Both would be great!)


No news from Team Asana on this?


Also, just the basic ability to change background for workspaces so you can see the difference between different team accounts.


Add my vote too please for the ability to add custom backgrounds or images to each project. It would be a much quicker way for me to be able to quickly confirm which project I’m in.

Many thanks


Another reason I like Trello better. It does way less, but it feels more personal. Asana is so sterile. Custom background images grant inspiration and gives a tone for a project.

How does Asana not have this?


I must admit I’m a little surprised by the responses in this thread. Though I began the thread, and I think custom backgrounds would be a fun feature, I feel it’s just that - a fun feature. I certainly wouldn’t trade functionality for it.


I love the backgrounds in Trello! It makes “working” much more fun and I enjoy opening up the app. It would be really nice if Asana had more choices of backgrounds. Trello has some absolutely beautiful backgrounds to choose from. I miss this.