Custom Backgrounds


Really tired of the default background.


Really want to switch to and sign up for Asana, but the plain backgrounds are a huge turn off. Already bumming me out after a couple days of playing with the free trail.


This really needs to happen. Love Asana, this would make it even better! :grinning:


I joined the forum just to vote for this feature! I think it should be an easy win as it’s a relatively simple feature (I think) and adds a lot to the user experience.


It would be good to have a whiteboard image of the session that kicked off that project. Or an illustration of the process that we intended to follow for this project, etc. Or it has an image of the team’s last outing. The background can serve not just an aesthetic but a functional/team building purpose.


It takes less than 1 day to implement, really. Please go ahead, just do it!


It’s good to see this thread revived again! I’m still hoping that they’ll add this feature at some point. The mountains and pebbles are lovely but it’d be nice to have a different view for a change.


Still waiting for a Custom Background + a picture/avatar for each project.

Very easy to implement and will make Asana more inviting.