Custom Backgrounds

Still no development on this? Such a simple add

Seriously, since August 2017 and nothing? No ETA or at least a decision saying “No” with an explanation?

Let us at least just change the colours with a HEX code. I just want a darker grey background

Honestly surprised uploading an image isn’t just standard.
Hoping this gets added soon.
The “stock” asana bg’s are pretttttty boring. :man_shrugging:

Thought I would check in on this again (been waiting for it for 2 years now) and add my vote for this feature.
How, or better yet WHY, is this not available yet?
The ultimate feature would be the ability to customize each board background. But at the very least, PLEASE add the ability to change the default HEX code and/or upload an image across all boards.



+1 on this feature. It would also be useful if the image could be different for different workspaces. I work with different teams, and it would be useful to see just from the background which team is active on a browser tab.