Custom Backgrounds

Maybe even some more “simple” displays, different colors to choose from. That sort of thing.

Ok you are referring to the Backgrounds, sorry! Your request could probably be merged with the widely upvoted Custom Backgrounds

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Hi @Teddi :wave:t3: and thanks @Bastien_Siebman, I’ve merged this post with our existing topic (Custom Backgrounds)!

Yeah, that will do!

Just wanted to say - I change my display to the Winter one from November through to March because of the fun little snowflakes that fall and accumulate on the menu. Every year, there are others in my Organization that see it, get super excited about this fun little “joy moment” and I teach others how to change their display to it.

Just thought you Asana developers would like to know that you are creating all sorts of joy moments in my Organization…and if you ever thought about doing a spring one (with maybe cherry blossom flowers falling)…or a fall one with autumn leaves falling…or a summer one with ??? (that one is harder - rays of sunshine? waves on the menu? intermittent showers? I don’t know)…I know that myself and others here would LOVE them.

Thanks for making a great tool…that includes some fun! :slight_smile: :smile:


I absolutely agree

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Clearly, majority if not all users wants it. I don’t know why they’re stalling :thinking:


Well I think optional background with semi transparent sections and tasks could modernize the looks.

I threw together a plugin that solves this. It is not perfect, but I guess it solves the problem. I hope someone else, besides me, finds it useful.


Hi folks :wave:t3:

Just a quick update to let you know we’ve launched some snazzy new project Icons to help you personnalise your projects. I thought that some of you might be interested in checking them out :blush: See the post below for additional info :point_down:

I don’t have any updates to share on the Custom background topic just yet, but I’m keeping a close eye on things internally and will be in touch here as soon as I have more info!

Have all a great Friday :slight_smile:

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I use Asana for 3 different clients, and one of them is a non-profit focused on events. I think it would be great when presenting the Event Board/Plan to the Board of Directors to have a visually appealing graphic (the event promo or flyer!) as the background.

Thanks for listening and considering our feedback, Asana team! :slight_smile:

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i couldnt get the custom image to pop up, it changed everything to black

same here, i couldn’t get it to work at all

I’m considering switching to Trello merely because of the fact that I can’t have pretty backgrounds on Asana. JUST sayin’. :wink:

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Definitely a must if Trello board users are expected to love their Asana boards

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Yes very visible change from Trello to Asana. Please add custom backgrounds to boards asap.


+1 for custom backgrounds!

Is anyone from Asana going to respond?


Finally got fed up and switched to Trello. I really wanted this to work, Asana :frowning:

Works for me, thank you.

Hello, may you have a plugin for safari? Thanks