Custom Backgrounds

Me too!! Also just switched from Trello and i miss my backgrounds!


Same here!!! need backgrounds ASAP

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Trying out Asana today. Used to use Trello and I really miss the backgrounds!


Just to get this straight. This issue has been sitting there for around 4 years and all we get is some completely unrelated, not-very-useful icons? :slight_smile: I don’t mean to be rude or disrespectful to developers in any way, but we’re a software-company as well and I think a lot of Asana clients are. Next to git and bug-tracking software, a general project management solution like Asana is a pretty common thing.

That being said, I am pretty sure that this feature wouldn’t be a huge issue to implement. I think Asana is just trying to not become a picture junkyard of some sort. Or they don’t want any sort of copyrighted material getting uploaded? But then again you can attach a lot of other stuff to your cards.

I don’t see why this isn’t getting fixed quickly.


or at a minimum, just add some new background images??


Or maybe even a way to ‘port’ our desktop image into Asana.

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Thank you! This worked immediately. :muscle:t4::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:
Everyone >> THIS WORKS!!! :palm_tree::palm_tree:
Just go here and add chrome extension: Asana enhancement - Chrome Web Store
Then refresh Asana and click the “Asana enhancement extension icon” >> paste in the url for the image you want to use as background and choose opacity (I like 80%) >> then refresh the page and be patient for 5-10 seconds while it updates. Et voilà! Any image as a background.
Thank you mikbo! I was ready to switch to another interface, and you just saved the day, you superhero :man_superhero:

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P.S. I’m using this image now and feel so much more inspired to work:

Not working with asana app though…

Considering that Asana has had image background and image upload features for years now, I really don’t understand why they haven’t gone for the easy win of allowing custom backgrounds.

Sure there may be higher priority features in the backlog, but this is something a single full-stack dev could implement in a matter of days (again considering the related features already implemented).


I am definitely in support of this and hope that Asana can implement it sometime. It is a fun way to put your own personal flair in a space that you don’t have a lot of personal flair when not involved in the design of the project.

Does Asana even have a Dev team at this point? So many easy to implement things that people are asking for, and like you said, instead we get completely useless things that no one is asking for. I’m still devastated from when they removed the keyboard shortcut commands for organizing things in List view…if one of my companies wasn’t using Asana, you’d probably see me on Trello right now instead.

What are you guys doing over there, Asana?

Hey @Charles_Wanless
it seems you might have missed some of the useful features Asana has implemented last year.
Yes I do agree that there are still many great ideas that many hope they get implemented soon.

Just because you don‘t need these features that doesn‘t many everybody shares the same opinion.
There will always be people complaining because certain things have not been implemented or will not be implemented.
It is impossible that everybody is happy with everything.

But I recommend reading through this thread to get a better understanding of how Asana is listening to the feedback of people on the forum and others: How we’re listening to your product feedback

Andrea, you’re totally right about useful features being rolled out in Asana - and I do not mean to imply that Asana should not roll out every update and new feature it develops in whatever order is best. But why remove features? I have seen no logical explanation for that yet.

Especially ones that many people explicitly loved (I chose Asana over Trello because of this one-step keyboard shortcut organizational tool that changed the game for me.) And there were loads of posts about it too…

I speak harshly because I love Asana and I want it to be the best organizational program in the world, because it can be. But I find it fundamentally concerning when something very useful is removed, there is feedback about how disruptive that is, and that feedback is either disregarded, or thrown on the backburner for an indefinite amount of time. You can surely understand how it might feel even worse when you see new features that do not - in your subjective experience - improve Asana for what is most important: efficiency.

If we can’t all be happy with everything, let’s at least be more organized and efficient while we’re not being happy? :grinning:

Asana, you can save hours of your users’ time overnight if this feature is reintroduced! Save us!