Colors for columns and ability to bold or change color of text in titles of column and tasks

I would like to be able to change the background color of my columns so that I can visually delineate the columns. I would also like to be able to change the color of my text and bold it as well, in the headings.


@Joanna_McNeilly These ideas are great! I would LOVE to have headings added to text formatting. It would make descriptions within tasks so much better! :grin:


I just came across this today too. When I have used trello, I have found the tasks very defined and distinct against the background colours and therefore easy to read. The column background colour in Asana boards (currently very light grey) and the task colours (white) don’t have a very strong colour difference. I find this very hard to read. I think being able to change the colours of the columns would help, or even making the column background colour a darker grey would work too.


Yes I would also like this feature!


I too would like to be able to change the color of text within the task cards. Using italics doesn’t really cut it.

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Colors for text… colors for cards/tasks. Would be a great feature


Adding my vote to add the ability to change the text color but not only in titles of cards but also in Progress reports.


Just an FYI for people dropping in here and leaving comments.
Please vote this feature request up if you want the product team at Asana to notice it :slightly_smiling_face:

I have given this the second vote right now, and it has 1.4K views :see_no_evil:


Looks like this has been a desired feature for a few years now so guessing it won’t happen, but would be a really nice addition for ease of finding things quickly.

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Can we please have this as a feature? It’s about to have been 3 years that it’s been requested. Would LOVE this capability.

Also will add column image backgrounds as an option would be great too. And it would make sense if all of this was a premium feature. Would give more incentive people to go premium.


Hi, is there a way to color the timeline by Column (as per the Board view)? We often prioritise and organise tasks in the Board view and once done, we do time scheduling in the Timeline view.

This is also a duplicate of Colors for columns and ability to bold or change color of text in titles of column and tasks

For us it would be very useful, too, to assign colors to board columns and see those colors in timeline view. It would be even better if we could change the column/color per drop-down in the timeline view (without opening the project window). This way we could mark the progress of a project visually in the timeline and have that reflected in the board view.

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In board view please add:

  1. The ability to turn tags entirely one color or another, just like actual sticky notes, and/or;

  2. The ability to select background colors for columns. For example, if using for Scrum, you have Backlog, In Progress, and Done Columns, it would be great to use colors to make these stand out. We have a separate backlog for upcoming sprints and it would be great for these to have a gray background so you can visually see they are not part of the current sprint. And/or;

  3. Ability to add “sections” between columns on your board, for same reasons as item 2 above.

Asana is a visual management tool, so adding additional customization options to make it more VISUAL only adds to its value. These would be very helpful so you can quickly scan and pan around the board for what you need. Tags are alright, but don’t serve the same purpose.


Hey @andy2, thanks for taking the time to share these the great ideas!

In order to allow other users to find your thread more easily, I have slightly adjusted its name, I hope you don’t mind.

It would be visually appealing and easier to “see” particular organization within boards if we could colorize the whole tile/board (kind of like Google Keep allows). Here’s to color!

What say you?

This is what I came here to request

I would love to be able to select colors for the stickies on my project in board format

That’s a good idea. And the color could change depending on what kind of task it is! @Laura_Meredith

Much like being able to color code your task blocks within a Timeline or Calendar View, using the Color header, it would be really cool to create a color-coded backdrop for cards on a Board.

A workaround today would be to attach a solid color image as the cover image, but this doesn’t quite have the same effect. I believe this may already be a topic.

Looks like this might be one that could be merged with a handful of others (cc: @Emily_Roman) :

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