Colour options for task in Board view to better visualize organisation/priority

It would be fantastic if you could select a colour for each task as you view it on the board (colourise the whole box or a thick colour bar on the side of each task). For instance I could use colours to differentiate priority, urgency, location, person etc.

The white boxes are quite dull and boring and its easy to miss tasks, using colour almost like you do with post it notes would help people that respond to colour better than text.


Hey, anyone knows how to color milestones in order for them to stand out more please? I was thinking about adding a color to the row if possible?

Hi @anon45653248, thanks for reaching out!

It’s not currently possible to edit the colour of tasks/rows in Asana. We do have an existing request for this feature in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

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I’ve been reading through this forum before commenting, and I’ve noticed that people have been asking to be able to use a solid color (other than white) on the background and to be able to color-code cards/tasks for at least SIX YEARS. Why is this so difficult?

My company is using the full enterprise version of Asana, and I am astonished that I have more options with my free version of Trello! I love what Asana can do (the integration with Outlook is a lifesaver!)–but every time I use it (i.e., multiple times a day), I get aggravated all over again that such a basic function isn’t available.

Color-coding is critical for me (and a lot of other neurodiverse people) to be able to keep track of my workstreams. It’s actually an accessibility issue–so please consider answering the pleas of so many of your customers. Thanks!

I completely get this. I work around using the colour custom fields to catagorize. Because then on the timeline/calendar i can colour code and i can see it on list/board

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Hello there! We have an existing thread on this topic → Colour options for task in Board view to better visualize organisation/priority, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post to consolidate feedback on this specific topic :slight_smile:

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But isn’t it ridiculous that–in the year 2023 (5 years after the original post)–you are still having to do a work-around?

I’d love to know why the ability to color code isn’t a built-in feature. Especially given that it’s an accessibility issue…

If you make sure you upvote the other topic then that should help :slight_smile:
For me the colour coding using custom fields doesn’t feel too much like a work around as such as you would still have to specify your colour coding table essentially and it shows up on every view as a colour. But I completely understand your point!

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Thanks, Danielle! I’m new here, so I appreciate the suggestion. :grinning: Also, I searched for “color” before I posted, so I missed the British spelling. Next time I will know! :+1:t3:

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My team moved to Asana from a more Google-Sheet-centric world. We use List View in Asana because for us, that is the most intuitive (my team doesn’t use Kanban boards etc.). I know in Board view colors appear but my team has asked if it is possible to color code the tasks in List View (to give more quick visual info like in Sheets). I have offered just using a column with a colored number dot, but they asked if the whole row can appear colored. You’d think that based on the color of a single-select option, if it was selected in the task then the task could carry that color. Like, a checkbox in the custom field setup that says “Use this field for task color” or something. Then the task rows can be colored by priority, etc. - however a user would use them.

Is this possible? Can it be?

Thank you!

Adding that I use the calendar view of my tasks 99% of the time. While the tasks have color codes tied to the boards, and a tiny square based on other things… I’d really love to have more control over the color on my calendar view board AND a few more color choices. I have a lot of tasks some days in the same color and want to help prioritize them better.