Add option to color-code tasks by urgency/importance

I would love if Asana were to add the option to colour code the tasks according to urgency and importance as some tasks do not have a due date but they are important and should be done as soon as possible whereas some tasks are not as important and I can be lax about them. The colour coding, if added should have the option to assign colours the user is comfortable with to different urgencies. I really hope this feature is added, it would be extremly helpful.

In the meantime you can consider using emojis in the task names :slight_smile:

Hi @Saanvi_Thampi,
You can make yourself a custom field called „Priotity“ where you could select from low, medium or high for example. Each level can have a different color. We use the traffic lights for that.


Agree as then the colours of the custom fields show on the task itself, also in calendar view.

FYI I modified the thread title to make it more relevant and easier for others to find/vote on.

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There is a preset ‘Priority’ field available even in the Basic plan - it is the only custom field you can use ‘for free’ before upgrading to Premium or Business :wink: