ASANA Boards and colour coding

The new ASANA Boards are simply fantastic. I am aware that they are still new, so they will probably develop further and grow. But on the announcement the tasks have colour coding. I wanted to create the same on my board so I can link tasks of the same colour in the different flow, but could not loicate how to do so. Any advise?

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@RashadIssa I think the colour coding you are referring to is to do with TAGS. If you colour code TAGS associated with the task they will appear as a small line in the top left.


Great questions! This is feedback that our team had initially, too, so I suspect it will be iterated on. Colors represent tags and/or projects. Note that the color of the project view you’re currently in won’t appear, just the multiple external projects that the task is in. Here are some photos for clarity. You’ll see that “Boards Test” is the color pink, but pink isn’t shown as a color in the task because we’re currently viewing the “Boards Test” project.


Thank you @Jason_Woods & @Alexis for your reply!

Hi All, is it possible to delete “done tasks” from the boards view ? Thx for your help !

@Gunter_Mühlöder I haven’t found a way to do this yet (I don’t think there’s an option to view only incomplete tasks). You could either: 1) remove the task from the project, or 2) create a “complete” column and move tasks to here (this is my approach).

@Gunter_Mühlöder @paulminors Unless I am reading Gunter’s question wrong, you just click the down arrow and “delete”. Maybe I am not reading it correctly.

@JCarl you could do that, but then the task would disappear altogether and you wouldn’t have a record of the completed task anywhere. I like being able to search and view completed tasks if I need to.


Agree, hopefully this will be added as Boards progress

@paulminors @JCarl Thx a lot for your help !!! Deleting is one way; moving to a “complete” column the other (and maybe my prefered). I think the topic is easy to solve for the ASANA development team :slight_smile: Thx in advance !

Back to the colour coding thing, Once a task is housed in couple of projects, and it is moved as a subtask to one of them, the colour coding of that project disappears. I really think that the colours should remain visible whether as tasks or subtasks. Any thoughts, or am I the only one who enjoys a colourful ASANA board? :smile:

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I think there shouldn’t be much of a difference between a task and a subtask, that a subtask is still just a task. Like there should be a way to view a task, similar to how we view a project, where the task is displayed in the center pane, and selecting a subtask will display the task details in the right pane.

We have deep hierarchy of tasks and subtasks, and sometimes we convert a task into a project just for that view purpose, which then makes the sidebar flooded with so many projects.

Actually, going back to your issue, I think it’s not only in Asana board the behavior happens. I created a search view to get all incomplete tasks coming from 4 different projects filtering all subtasks. The task under project A, which is a subtask of a task in project B was filtered out.

HI Guys,

I have the same issue but i like to use the calendar view. my issue is i colour code a project such as managers meeting, i would like my sub tasks to be the same colour, please see below where my main project “test” is in green but the sub task is not, any idea if this can be resolved.

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This has to do with the overlying issue of subtasks not being associated with a project by default. So in order to have that color (I believe) you would have to add that subtask to the project manually by hitting Tab+P and typing in the project name.

Thanks for the quick Reply Caisha,

Unfortunately that does not appear to work.

I assume you have found the solution in the meantime. Still - here it is (I discovered it just recently) and it is so simple. Maybe this feature is new to Asana.

I did an example -

It works the same on board view as well, just tried it - can you double check that’s what you’re doing?


Hi Caisha,

That looks great and is what i am looking for however does not work when i try, i have even deleted the projects and put them back on but still nothing for the subtasks.

Not sure where i am going wrong.

Hi @Allen_Starkey - to confirm, have you used the shortcut Tab+P to add all tasks to the parent project as Caisha suggests?

Hi Alexis, thanks for your reply.

When i press Tab+p it only adds the box for project type i.e, high priority as pictured above, it does not allow me to add a subtask using this function, I assume the p stands for project.

I have tried TAB + S for subtask, this creates a subtask from the keyboard but does not colour the task as required on my calendar view.

Not sure why it works for you guys but not for myself.