ASANA Boards and colour coding



Hi @Allen_Starkey - I think I understand the point of confusion. You’ll need to add each subtask to the project. So, click into each subtask. When you’re viewing the subtask, use Tab+P to add the subtask to the project. When you do this, the subtask will appear in the main project view.


So, I am new to Asana and so far I am enjoying it. My question regarding color coding tabs/tags is: Is there a way to retroactively assign a color to a tag? It seems that when a couple of tags were created they were not assigned a color (which is a great visual clue/key to my project). I have looked and looked. Please, advise.


Yup! Just click inside a task and click on the tag itself. Then you’ll be taken to the individual tag’s page. You’ll see a header (as you would in a project) with the tag title. Click the drop down arrow next to the header and then select highlight color and select whichever color you’d like :slight_smile:


Hi there - new user to Asana! Is there a way to color code the columns inside of a project?


Hi Samantha, welcome to Asana!
There is no way to colour the columns inside a project unfortunately, but if your tasks are houses in several projects and each project has a colour, then the colour will appear on each task.


@Samantha_Alfaro I agree! It would be great to be able to assign the column in a board a color. Especially for then viewing within “timeline” you could see which tasks are in each stage of a process. Which is what we’re currently utilizing the boards function to visually display.


Is there a way to automatically assign a colour code to all tasks in each column of a board without individually tagging them? It would be great it they were all grouped into coloured swimlanes on the timeline view as well - but I can’t quite discern the logic behind how tasks are ordered vertically in the timeline view - it looks like it is by the date of creation, whereas ideally it would be by column.