Colors for columns and ability to bold or change color of text in titles of column and tasks

Hey @andy2, thanks for taking the time to share these the great ideas!

In order to allow other users to find your thread more easily, I have slightly adjusted its name, I hope you don’t mind.

It would be visually appealing and easier to “see” particular organization within boards if we could colorize the whole tile/board (kind of like Google Keep allows). Here’s to color!

What say you?

This is what I came here to request

I would love to be able to select colors for the stickies on my project in board format

That’s a good idea. And the color could change depending on what kind of task it is! @Laura_Meredith

Much like being able to color code your task blocks within a Timeline or Calendar View, using the Color header, it would be really cool to create a color-coded backdrop for cards on a Board.

A workaround today would be to attach a solid color image as the cover image, but this doesn’t quite have the same effect. I believe this may already be a topic.

Looks like this might be one that could be merged with a handful of others (cc: @Emily_Roman) :

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Thanks flagging this and collecting all the duplicate threads @LEGGO! :pray: I’ve merged all the threads with Colors for columns and ability to bold or change color of text in titles of column and tasks - #21 by Jerod_Hillard as this thread had more votes! All other votes were also added to the main request! Thanks again!

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Hello every user ; I try my best create kanban .but I can not set difference color about each card . I would like urgent is red , done is green and so on … I know it 's impossible until now . I don’t like kanban is totally white . I can not distinguish which is first important 。it is possible in future ?

Hi @Frank_wu! I see what you mean; custom fields are a great way to highlight what is important to you but they’re not available at the column level.
I can’t promise if or when we’ll be able to implement the color code you’re describing, but the #productfeedback category is the best place to attract our Product Manager attention :slight_smile:

Thanks . Anyway I think the difference background color will let ansan more professional about kanban .

I would like the ability to change a board’s background color (or header color). I realize that I can set a board’s/project’s highlight color, but that just changes the font color of the project name. Since I manage boards involving different clients, I need a way to better distinguish boards. Thanks!

I’d like to bump this feature request up the list. The current white on light grey makes the column headings nearly invisible. I’d like to introduce this to my team and this is not a very good impression to make if we want to share the Asana love :slight_smile:

Agree. Almost illegible

Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to color individual tiles without adding additional tags and changing your board around? I’ve suggested it a bunch of times. Seems like it would be really helpful to identify important tasks for whatever reason. This is the kind of flexibility that I need anyway.

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Hi @Perry_Cipolloni, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! and thanks for sharing your feedback.

As it stands, it’s currently only possible to add color to the cards in boards using custom fields or tags. We already have a request on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to centralize feedback. I’ll post an update as soon as we have plans to launch a similar feature!

Thanks Emily,
I am a Web Developer and User Experience Designer. This simple feature is as straightforward as a few lines of CSS code. I know that the requests for this have been around for years now. I hope they get around to doing it as it is much easier and more readable than tags as they are currently implemented.



Hi @Joanna_McNeilly. Any chance you could add ‘change colour of the tile’ to your title? Requests by others to have a full coloured tile (based on custom field etc) have been merged into your request by Asana, but currently your description doesn’t highlight this at all.

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@Tim_Jasper I would be happy to make the change - I can’t figure out how to edit the title. Is that something I have to do on the computer perhaps?

Hi @Joanna_McNeilly . You’d have to be logged into your original forum account. Not sure if the device will make a difference.

+1 for changing the background color of sections/columns in board view.

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