Task appearing in two places in same board


Hi folks,

I’m curious if there’s a way to do the following…

I want to group/visualize tasks in two different ways on the same board. Let’s say within this quarter I want to build a rocket ship. So I’m creating one column on my board for “Q3 Goals.” Underneath Q3 Goals, one of my tasks with be “build a rocket ship.” Now I want to break up building a rocket ship into two-week sprints. Let’s say in the first sprint the task is to “hire the right engineers.” In the second sprint, the task is “find the right rocket ship metal.” I want to have both of these tasks as subtasks within “build a rocket ship” in the column “Q3 Goals.” So far, no problem. But I also want these subtasks to be broken out into two additional columns organized by Sprint (Sprint #1 and Sprint #2). Each of these subtasks, which will now also be tasks under their respective columns, will also have their own subtasks. But what I’m ultimately trying to do is when each of these sprints is complete (we’ve hired the right engineers and found the right rocket ship metal), I would like the subtasks in “build a rocket ship” to update dynamically. The closest solution so far I can find is creating dependencies, but this doesn’t accomplish how I would like to track this workflow and to measure progress with more data. Does another feature possibly offer the solution I’m looking for? Thanks, and looking forward to your reply.



It sounds like what you need to do is add the subtasks to the same project that the parent is in, right?

To do this, you can click into he subtask details pane, then click the three dots (…) and use the “Add to project” option to add the subtasks to the original board.

I believe this would achieve your desired result. You’d have the tasks still attached to the parent and also viewable in the main project. If you mark as complete in either place, they’ll update in the other.

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