Set different background colors to help differentiate different domains

I am using the Asana app on my windows computer and find it has been helpful in other applications to be able to set different background colors to represent different instances of the tool. I would like to see a way to set a color difference in different instances of asana based on what domain I am logged into. It does not need to be the entire background it could just be the left sidebar.

HI @Joachim_Weyl1 Look in your settings.

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Thank you Getz_Pro. That would be a good possibility if they worked but when I select any of those backgrounds nothing happens. Not to mention that would be set for the profile level which would not help with the domain level if I understand how these are supposed to work properly. I would love to know how to make the background feature work at a profile level as well but I think that is a separate issue from the issue brought up in this request.


Until Asana provides your feature request, you could consider using this workaround which I’ve suggested before. Note that what you call “domain” I’m calling “org/workspace” here:

On the separate other topic about the background not showing: I think it shows in certain views (Focus mode, Board view) but not others (List view) if I recall.

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Thank you that is a good idea. I will try that out.
I still hope Asana sees this and creates this feature :slight_smile:

As for the background under profile, I changed it to 3 different options and tried all the views and don’t get a different background. No big deal I don’t need a pretty background. I am more interested in usability for background color anyways.

Have a wonderful day! :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Joachim_Weyl1!

Odd! I just tried it and do see the background in a project’s Board view. You could report to

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I always have a different Chrome profile set up for each instance of Asana and have that profile a different color. On a Mac, I also have these on different desktops so I just scroll between them as needed.

Also, you can log into different accounts and use the Chrome groups and have the group tab color different.

Please note that the Background only appears in Board and Messages View and nowhere else. So people often think it isn’t working.

why do i not even see an option to change my background image? it’s all white cards on very light gray background and it’s hard for me to see the difference (low vision user).