Changing background color of list view

I am new to Asana and I’d like to know how can I change the background color of my list view? I kinda don’t like that white color in the background.


Hi @Shay_H,

You can change your Asana background within your profile settings following these steps. But if you’re referring to the task list itself, it is not possible at this time! Hopefully this is something we can look into a future update!

I’m using both Asana and Trello for a couple of days to decide which to go with. My partner prefers Asana as she likes to work with list views. But honestly, the deal killer for me with Asana may be the lack of just a plain, colored background option. As someone who is very visual, the board is fantastic, but white on white leaves me in a muddle. And a background picture is totally distracting.

In an ideal world, yes, every project would be able to have its own color/picture, which I recognize would mean writing new code. But could Asana just add some solid color options to the background options you already have? It would make all the difference in the world! Thx!


Click on your avatar at the top right corner > My Profile Settings > Display > Default

This is such a no-brainer! Surely someone could implement this today?