Slight color difference per Workspace, extra classes in body tag

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
There is a color difference between two Workspaces. Its like some colors look more like Pastel versions of their original colors. All colors look different, even hovers and grays. In HTML body tag there are different classes in both Workspaces. When I remove them, the ‘normal’ color are back.

Steps to reproduce:
Click profile icon on top right. Choose different Workspace (not Personal Projects). It opens in a new tab/window. If applicable, yours may also have a different color.

Browser version:
Firefox 94.0.1

Upload screenshots below:
Compared browser tabs and their colors… and compared the code. The green squares are the same classes and the red squares are the different classes per Workspace.

My ‘normal’ Asana has these classes:
DesignTokenThemeSelectors-theme–systemDarkMode A11y-focusInvisible

My ‘weird pastel’ Asana has these classes:
DesignTokenThemeSelectors-theme–systemDarkMode DesignTokenThemeSelectors-theme–colorRefreshMode DesignTokenThemeSelectors-theme–colorRefreshSystemDarkMode

Its not a big issue, but weirdly annoying.

The new color palette might have been rolled out slowly to everyone. @Rebecca_McGrath @Emily_Roman what do you think?

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Hi @MakePixelsWork, thanks for reaching out!

As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, we are currently rolling out a new color palette. If you have multiple Asana Workspaces but don’t see the new color palette across all just yet, you will soon! :slight_smile:

In that case… I dislike the new palette. Its dull compared to the brighter original. Especially the grays are very boring. Your old grays had a little color in them, making them vibrant. I also liked all the gradients (for instance in the + button), but those are all flat now.

Maybe make it possible for people to choose the classic theme? That way, we can keep our beloved Asana the way it was.

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