Add Organisation name in tool bar/desktop

Hi! Still getting used to Asana so apologies if there’s a way to do this and I just don’t know:

For my use case as a Consultant Designer working for/with multiple organization, I’m very frustrated that it’s so difficult to tell organization workspaces apart. When in the “My Tasks” view they look identical except for content.

How do I change something, anything, about the way these display? How do I make Organizations look DIFFERENT?

Possible Suggestions:

  • Theme affects (user view) of Organization (instead of ALL of user views.)
  • Asana Logo in top left replaced by Organization logo / Initials
  • User-selectable color bar divider/header element
  • Theme (light/dark) is selected per organization rather than overall user space. (not as helpful if you have more than 2 organizations.)
  • Adding [Organization] in front of “My Tasks” header.

If there’s a way to do this and I’ve just missed it I’d love to hear it. I was so much time every day trying to find what i’m looking for in the wrong organization window.


Welcome @Vianki_Bruenderman to the community.
You have a valid concern with great suggestion. There is currently no straightforward way to distinguish what organization workspace you’re working on. On Enterprize level the companies can load their icon, and this helps, but this is not a great solution for those who cannot be on Enterprise level.

A workaround is to edit the first section in your My Tasks to reflect the workspace name.


That is a great workaround, yes! I had no idea that was editable. Thanks for that. I’d still love to see a bit more visual differentiation but this will help for now! Thanks!


Until/if Asana provides more differentiation…

If you tend to keep your left sidebar open as indicated in the screenshots, you could make a dummy default private Project or Team by the name of the Org/Workspace and Favorite it as the first in the Favorites list, then you’d always be able to see the Org/Workspace name up top no matter what is shown in the main pane.