See which Admin Console you are in - Add Workspace/Organization name in the header

If you are running several organisations / workspaces, it would be nice to see which one you are administrating. Add the organisation / workspace to the header, so we know which one we are changing members for.

PS: Unless of-course you admin all of them in one place, but I don’t imagine that’s how it works.

I meant to say that maybe the interface could show which organisation / workspace you are in, within the entire Admin Console. So rather than adding the organisation / workspace behind the Members, you could change the headers like this:

  • Workspace name > Insights
  • Workspace name > Members
  • Workspace name > Settings
  • etc

Should be a small change for the Asana team. Unless this little thing also needs upvotes.

Hi @MakePixelsWork, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! I agree with you, this will be particularly useful for admins that manage several spaces. We don’t have plans to add this feature in the near future but I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any news!

Since its only a name of the company/workspace, to be added in front of the page title, I thought that would not be a very big project for you fine folks. Maybe an engineer only has to add a tag there and its done.

I’ll see this, whenever its done ;).