Display organization or workspace in tab title

For individuals and teams working with multiple organizations and/or workspaces, having the name of the organization or workspace display in the title of the tab (web browser) would be a significant operational improvement.

Scripts can be setup to find the correct organization/workspace and automatically open that browser tab. Otherwise we are always opening a new tab every time we want to access Asana and then having to select the organization/workspace.

This creates a material disincentive to enter a new task or do a quick check on status.


Like you, I face the same issue but, frankly, we’re outliers because I imagine the vast majority of Asana users work in a single org/workspace, so I don’t imagine we’ll see this feature from Asana.

I sometimes use this as an aid:

And also browser user profiles. And I’m sure there are other options too.

These are workarounds, not native solutions, but I hope they are of some value.


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I agree.

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