Declutter your Asana browser tabs

During our last Asana AMA for Nonprofits:

We didn’t have time for one question. It was not actually an Asana question because the person was asking about the colorful browser tab thingies I was using. But come to think of it, it really is an Asana question because I bet many of you using Asana are dealing with a lot of tabs.

I prefer the Asana web app to the Asana desktop app, and I love to have a lot of tabs open–Asana Inbox, My Tasks, different projects (not to mention every other web app I use) are all just a click away so no waiting for page loads. So this really is an Asana tip after all.

Chrome tab groups is a powerful but simple, beautifully-executed feature to organize, streamline and declutter your browser. Learn about them in five minutes and change your browsing for the better from now on:

Organize your tabs with Chrome tab groups.

Thanks to @Stephanie_Oberg for pointing out that tab groups are saved when the browser is closed and re-open on re-launch. (This may depend on your browser settings so perhaps check first.)



Thank you so much for this great tip Larry! 5 minutes in, I am already hooked. (I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere, but - as I hoped - the tab groups are saved when the browser is closed and then all reopen next time the browser is launched.)


Great point, @Stephanie_Oberg; I updated the OP. --Larry

This is so helpful, @lpb! Thank you so much for sharing! :star:

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Wow, who knew? I will give this a try! I’m always in tab addiction! :smirk:

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what are the necessary settings I need in order to keep the tab groups. Like @Adrienne_McCue I’m addicted to tabs - to the point others make fun of me when I’m sharing my screen. I love the tab group but do not know how to keep them upon closing the browser


Hi @Debi and welcome to the forum!

Do you have your browser set to re-open the tabs that were open when it closed? My Tab Groups are restored with my other open tabs, I didn’t need a special setting for them to be restored.

To restore your open tabs/groups when you reopen Chrome, you want to use this in Settings:

(Ignore the “Toby” part, that’s an extension I have installed.)


GREAT! It works; thank you so much


I have this feature on my mobile app but didn’t know you could do it via desktop. I will check it out.