What are the features of the new Desktop app Tabs, I can't seem to do much with them

So I can see the desktop app has tabs now. I thought that might come with additional useful features. e.g. Save Tabs (for when I relaunch the app) and set a tab home page (for when I relaunch that app). But I cant seem to find any settings for those. If I open a tab, and even re-arrange them, when I close the app and re-open it, all my tabs are gone, the first tab is back the Asana app home page (I do not use this its a useless step in getting where I want).

So I am not exactly sure what the benefits of tabs are?? If I am working on on a few projects its handy but I dont want to keep setting all that up every time I open the app. So I am not going to use tabs much, I dont see the point.

Could someone explain to me use cases for tabs, or am I missing some settings somewhere please so I can save them. Ideally I want a few tabs open on start up, with the first tab being the home page which would be the current project I am working on (or I can change it to My Tasks when I dont have a major project to focus on).


The use case is very simple, I believe you are overthinking it: have several instances of Asana, or several projects, opened in the same Desktop app.

So then it comes down to: what are the benefits of the Desktop app?

I believe the Desktop app is awesome because it gives you a quick access to Asana :slight_smile: and I am thankful I can quickly access several Asana instances.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. I love that there is a desktop app too, it not about that as a whole, but about the tab feature. I’m not really overthinking it at all. Its quote simple… I see tabs and think “great that will allow me to do xyz which I do in the browser” but I dont think it does. Its less features than using a browser still. If you use multiple tabs, then tabs in Asana desktop is not adding enough incentive to switch.

I dont understand why if you are going to add tabs to not allow us to save them or use them for the home page. The desktop app is based on chromium isn’t it? Electron? So all the features in chrome I would have thought possible in this app. I dont know though, am just saying.

So I often just dedicwted Safari to Asana and then I can save my tabs and home page. There is no benefit in using the desktop app over that. But if they add in such features that would the same or better than a browser I would use it more.

So I was just wondering if I am missing something with tabs, but looks like i am not.

(Moved this to Tips and Tricks as there’s not a specific feature request to be voted on)

Is the feature not that we can save views on tabs?

If this was moved to a section to vote on, then my feature request is two fold really:

  1. Save tabs on restart - I may have a few tabs open for a specific project I am working for some time, and when I start my day I want to see them there already. So still use Safari or Chrome so I can have this enabled

  2. Set a tab as the home page. Perhaps the first tab is your home page. The current home page, the dashboard or whatever you want to call it, is pointless for me I dont need it.

The above features are available in browsers themselves, and I thought the app was based on Chromium/Electron so assumed using tab capability in the desktop is possible.

I dont see much benefit in tabs compared to using Asana in a browser otherwise.

Tabs are still good of course, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just annoying to have to re-set them all up again every time the app is started.

I have a workspace/workflow where everything is automated to be more productive. e.g. I use Apple Shortcuts to start all my project apps, as I have quite a few apps to run, and I have multiple desktops, and so with a one click button I can be up and running without faffing about. It even starts playing my music and turns my room desk light on :joy:. But Asana is the only app I still then need to configure, so instead I just open my multiple Asana tabs in a browser instead as part of my workflow. Perhaps I am just a bit too advanced in my setup to justify it :grinning:

There’s an existing request for this one; you can add your vote to it!

Best thing would be to create a new topic “Ability to set a tab as the home page in the desktop app” for the other request, so it lives in a thread for that specific request (just to try and keep things more organized :sweat_smile:)