Save Tabs in Desktop App

Great that tabs were added to desktop but when I open and close Asana desktop I have to start over . It would be great to save last view at least


Hi - I agree, this would be helpful. I always work with 3 tabs:

  • my tasks
  • project to “team meeting”
  • project to manage my 1-1 with my boss

Would be really useful to “save” some tabs to be always open when launching the app.

Or even just a “Pickup where you left off” option, like in Chrome, so your tabs would stay open after you restart your computer/Asana.

Hi ASANA Team,

Any new information on this?

I noticed a coworker had tabs on their desktop app.
They were able to have multiple projects open in one instance of the ASANA Desktop App.

Upon researching, it seems that the functionality has launched but downloading the updated app doesn’t change my view.

Thank you for the info, ASANA team.


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