Switching between companies without opening new windows

Switching between companies/work-spaces is now opening new windows/tabs. Even when switching to company that is already opened in one of those tabs opens a new tab. I am in 3 companies and have more asana tabs that I care to have. I preferred by far when single tab was used to all.

I’ve noticed this too. I’m not sure what’s going on. I don’t recall seeing any information about this in the past weeks as to why it would change.


Yes! This is very annoying as I like to keep my Asana open in one pinned tab! It has become impossible to switch fluidly now. :sob: :sob: :sob:


I noticed this same behaviour start about 2 days ago when using Asana via Chrome Browser on a Windows 10 PC.

Navigating to a different Workspace results in Asana opening this workspace in a separate new tab, unlike past behaviour which was to open the new workspace within the current active tab… makes things confusing and messy.

Is this a bug - is there a fix???

also… My Google Chrome browser is: Version 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I’m not sure what changed but recently, selecting another workspace now opens a new tab. I use Chrome on W10, saved Asana as a shortcut and pinned it to my tray so I can launch a stand-alone window with Asana like its own app. It’s been awesome.

Today, every time I select a new workspace, it launches a new chrome window and loads in a new tab rather than refreshing the current window with the new workspace. I’ve hunted around and don’t see any setting to control this.

Anyone else encounter this?


Good morning Community! :grinning:

Thank you for all your feedbacks. We really appreciate it.

I can confirm that this is not a bug but an expected behavior. We started rolling out this a couple of days ago; this is a requirement for future release we are currently working on. I will share more information as soon as I have more details about it.

Have a great weekend!

Unfortunately this makes asana unusable when run in chromium app mode or as electron app. I am guessing it would make it a chore for anyone having more than one organization. I really hope there will be an option to use “single window” again.

Asana has become un usable to me as well, I use the Shift app for using Asana and manage multiple projects. Now it tries to open each company in its own window. Very, very annoying. Makes it so I can no longer use it.

…expected behaviour!? The negative response here on the forum, would suggest a lack of consultation Asana put in with users to see if this would be desirable. What was the reasoning or logic behind you guys making this change???

I had the same shortcut setup as you, where a nice clean, uncluttered-by-an-address book/bookmarks-bar, separate browser window would open and work beautifully… but now have unpinned it from Start-Menu and the Task-bar on windows 10.

So looks like we will just have to put-up with having multiple tabs for each and every workspace opened in the active browser window… doesn’t appear as if much forethought was put into this!!!

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I agree with the forum as well. This is an irritating change to basic functionality.


It is very irritating to see the behavior one has become accustomed to being broken time and again, only to find that Asana has pushed a secret update and call it the expected functionality. I use Asana as a Chrome app pinned to desktop. Opening a new workspace now opens a new Chrome window for me, with a different UI (since the Chrome window has all the extensions, URL bar etc.) cluttering the view.

I have the same issue and concerns as the other folks in this forum. Please, if you want to keep your loyal users, don’t make it hard on us to do our work eh? The sole reason that Asana is created an is in this universe is to make our lives easier. I do not see how this new change helps us.

Additionally, I’m criticising your response and communication as well. It is not OK to just say the things you just said. You have to at least feel our concern and pain!!! This sucks. Seriously.

I feel for you man. I am in two companies and I have my personal projects as well and I really liked to have Asana opened as my first tab. And switch between workspace as I go. Now, with the open new tab, it gets messy and disgusting. Yuck! *Mind you if they revert it still is a very good app above the rest.

Respectfully, coming from a users perspective this is not an expected behavior. It caught us all by surprise. For those of us who need to be able to easily switch between workspaces, this makes it very challenging. It was fine the way it was before. Please roll back this change.


Hello, since last week, workspace switch opens new window when changing item. Previous behavior was more comfortable for me. Is there any option to switch back to original behavior? Thanks a lot for reply.

Actually it was opening in a new tab, then not anymore, and now back to new tab. I prefer the new tab though :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Vaclav_Bures! Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it.

We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged it to consolidate all feedback.

Have a great Tuesday!

One more vote to change this to the way it was before. The new behaviour (even though you call it a “feature”) is very very annoying. I’ve been recommending Asana to everyone, but I may stop doing that now…

Another vote against this change.
Come on Asana, it’s pretty clear that this wasn’t thought completely through.

Please return to the old behavior (or at least give an option) as this is a killer for Chrome App usage and other items. How many people have to agree on this forum to get your attention?

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