Don't open new window when switching spaces on desktop app


I’m not sure this is a bug, but with the latest desktop release (Mac), switching between workspaces/organizations via clicking the top right profile context menu opens a new window instead of loading in the same window.
If this a feature going forward, can we at least have a setting to control that?



Hi @Andre6, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. I can confirm that this is expected behaviour.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if any further changes to these controls are made :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering this question, which was one I had, too! This is an incredibly annoying new “feature,” especially because: 1) it will still spawn a new window even if I have another window open for the same workspace and forgot; 2) I have to resize the window every time (for some reason it spawns very small); and 3) it makes it significantly more cumbersome to use. I sincerely hope this is rolled back in a future update, because the desktop app is almost unusable to me this way.


+1 to the speakers ahead of me. this new feature is the most irritating issue that could be happened with the desktop app :frowning_face: :frowning:


I agree with previous commenters on this issue. The desktop app opens a small new window when switching between workspaces and this makes the desktop app unusable for me.

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I’m using Asana desktop app for macOS and it’s very annoying when it opens a new window every time. Not even speaking about the fact that every single time it ignores window size I use and opens a new window in some default totally unusable window size forcing me to resize it manually.

Also the time to open and load new window makes me feel there is some strange under the hood, something buggy and glitchy - not that feeling coming from Asana lightweight UI and really great experience.

C’mon guys! This is a tool for productivity! It just should work as fast as it could with no distractions, windows opening all over the desktop.

I don’t see any single reason to have such behaviour. I use other apps for team communication/management and Asana is the only one made this strange decision. Well, ok, let user decide if he need to open workspace in new window/tab. But if this is the technical limitation it would sound for me even stranger - just because we have a lot of products with workspace switching capability and without such limitation.

So I’m voting for reverting this “feature” too.


Hi, do you have any update on this, this limitation is really annoying. I have 6 different workspace and new small size windows drive me crazy. If there is no chance to help on this we should consider to change ot antoher platform. :frowning:

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I’m hoping to suggest an improvement when switching between workspaces on the desktop app. Before when I would switch between workspaces (I’m signed into multiple business), I’d just use the top right toggle to switch.

Now when I click on the workspace I want to switch to, it keeps the existing space open and then opens a new tiny window that’s too small to possibly be useful. So I have to manually resize the new window and close the other one. It’s just unnecessarily tedious. Hope this makes it to your dev team!

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There is already a thread about this you can join Don't open new window when switching spaces on desktop app

+100 to the speakers above!!!


so there’s no update on this? this feature is infuriating!

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Agree with the users above, It would be great if we have tabs at the header like in Figma
It will help switching easier between workspaces…

I can’t believe there’s no update on this. It is probably one of the most annoying updates! We need the ability to turn this off. I want to switch businesses not multitask. And at least just let the windows be the same size as the already open one.

The other annoying thing is that the Desktop client opens the workspace it feels like opening - not the one I was last active in, which means I need to switch almost every day that I login.

:+1: To this thread, this new workflow has a very poor UX - Please update to allow users to choose between opening in new window or toggling in the same window. I agree with all users in this thread, my preferred workflow was the previous workflow. Also when the new window opens I can confirm the need to resize every time.

June 2nd and it’s still doing this annoying pop up on my desktop. I think I saw the first comment was made in January on this topic. I agree with everyone here

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This needs to be removed immediately. Slack has a much better alternative, where it just has a narrow sidebar for different chat groups, and they all open in the same window (and they have a notification badge when there is a new notification)

  • 1 for this. What an annoying new “feature”, opening a new (small) window every time i need to switch workspaces. I use Asana across four different businesses and this is making the mac desktop app unusable. Please change it.
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Can you fix it @asana6

I 1000% agree with everything stated in this thread. The fact that this thread is a year and half old and they’re not even letting us know they hear us is kind of a deal breaker for me. My trial is over today and I’m going to be actively trying to talk my boss into not proceeding with an account.

Do you have an update on this?