View Current Workspace Easier On Mobile



If a user has multiple workspaces, it can be cumbersome to open the mobile app and first view which workspaces is open. This has to be done in order to ensure a search for a project or task in the right workspace since it is not viewable.

Instead, if a viewable label of the open workspace was on-screen, it would save a few taps/clicks.


Hi @Joseph_Simons! A quick tip here which might help: if you open your “My Tasks”, you can easily identify which Workspace or Organization you’re working from:



Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! :slight_smile:


Hi @Marie. The product feedback I have is to make viewing which workspace a user is in easier.

Based on your suggestion, I can open “My Tasks” then identify which workspace or organization I’m working from by reading and interpretting the tasks or viewable projects. This becomes cumbersome when working in mutiple workspaces, espcially if the tasks/projects are similiar.

The request is to have an easily viewable label indicating which workspace a user is in. The same way the browswer version keeps the label in the upper right-hand corner of the screen would be great.

Again, the idea is to have less steps and more effeciency.


I second this request. I have three organizations and cannot easily see which one I am currently in. I only see my own face in the upper left corner and have to click to see which org is active.

Please change it so we can see. (idea to make org initials like how a user is displayed before loading a picture??)