problem between workspaces and organizations

I have tried to create an organization around my company but it seems to be a workspace. when i get to the admin console to change this, it seems that the organization is already working. see screen shots

The second screenshot.

Hello @Teo_Mezger
unfortunately I don‘t speak Spanish so I cannot make full sense of everything on the screenshots but based on what I can see on the first screenshot it shows a workspace and no org so it seems you still have to convert it so it looks like this

Have a look here to see how to convert a workspace into an organization: How to create a new workspace | Product guide • Asana Product Guide and then you can set up teams.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks!! when i get to admin console i dont have the option anymore to convert the workspace into the organization. any ideas?

Hm and you are the billing owner?

To be honest for me it is difficult to advise from here as I don‘t understand the Spanish text on the screenshot. Maybe somebody else will be able to guide further.

Otherwise I definitely recommend reaching out to Asana Support and they will be able to assist you quickly since they have full visibility for your account as well :slight_smile:

Hello Andrea,
yes im the billing owner. Please see screenshots in english. You can see is not an organization but in the admin console, it looks like it is.

Im also not able to delete the workspace prueba3, error: Cannot Remove Yourself from the Workspace

You are currently the billing owner for this Workspace. Billing owners must remain members.

any ideas?

any ideas?

Hm okay yeah I see no organization shows yet.
In this case best to contact Asana support and they can directly assist with changing this for you.

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