Workspace vs Organization - Identify the type of space

I created my teams and projects in my Organization’s space.

My manager has used her personal workspace.

What capabilities will I lose if I do the CSV and transfer to my personal space to be able to use the same ‘space’ of my manager without toggling back and forth?

We reviewed the article here to identify our needs :

Acknowledging that Organization might work best for us but she’s been using asana for several months and do not want to lose her items as well if we transfer from her personal workspace to Org.

My manager is also working with several other folks in her personal workspace, therefore tricky to transfer all those, correct?

Just trying to understand what makes sense for the two of us so that we can use the same workspace :wink:

Thanks so much for any insights!

Hi @Marie-Annick_Yagapen, thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community Forum!

If you need to create multiple teams you can convert your existing Workspace into an Organization. If your domain is still not associated with an Organization in Asana, you can follow these steps to convert your Workspace.

Please note that when you make this conversion, your Workspace will become a Team within a Organization, you will keep all their projects and tasks.

If you have any issues converting your existing Workspace into an Organization, please contact our support team and include the following information:

  • Primary Org/Workspace
  • Email domain

If you prefer to move the projects and tasks from your Workspace to an existing Organization in Asana, the comments won’t be included in your CSV file and won’t be imported to your new Organization. In this case, we recommend using Ditto integration.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks Emily! appreciate the confirmation and tips. I am aware of the Workspace>Organization conversion in settings.

I am concerned about losing items and it looks like Ditto might help with comments.

Is there a limit (15) in the number of people in teams (?) or workspace(?). Trying to anticipate since our team uses the non-upgraded version. Thanks!

On the flipside, if I convert convert my teams&projects now currently into my organization into a newly-created dedicated workspace. What capabilites am I losing? and What are the steps to do this Org>Workspace conversion? Thanks!


curious if you have some tips there.

Thanks so much!


i did a conversion (more a project copy)with ditto and nothing was lost. The only thing is you will become the asingnee\follower for all tasks imported to new workspace.

Functionnality will remain the same with the capacity to move project between teams.

From experience, people dont like to have multiple tabs open, having to check each one for notifications , even more so from upper management, which need to keep an eye on the whole operation.


I will also add that there is a mac of 15 members per team on basic plan, can be usefull if members from certain teams dont need access to other areas weither for privacy reasons and such.

The best way to convert will depend on the way your manager did her setup. The simple way would be to:

  • Create your structure, Teams/Projects
  • Copy needed projets from manager workspace to org using ditto. This one is actually quite easy and straight forward, as long you a a blank project for recipient if i remember well.
  • Invite people to teams so they can access projects.
  • Re assing of remove yourself from all newly imported tasks.
  • Double check if all is there.
  • Delete the project(s) in manager personal workspace to avoid confusion.

Hope this help.


merci beaucou Dominic!!

super helpful.
This is what I was leaning towards (convert workspace to Organization)

here’s a screenshot of my macro-structure.

can you clarify the max of 15 people?

For example in my picture, would it be 15 people for Spread, 15 for research etc… ?


Thanks again.

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Exactly. 15 for each team. So lets say “Johnny” is part of Research team, that means he wont see projects in Spread nor Impact. He would have to be invited for each team separately.

So, each team can have his specific set of members.

Dominic L’Héreault