Changing a Personal Asana over to an Organisation


I have a client who has been using Asana Personal account for her and her team, they have a number of projects created already in there and I have noticed she doesn’t have the organisation side connected or set-up. I would like to move them over to this, however I don’t want to loose everything they have in the projects they have currently created. Is there anyone who could tell me if this will happen or not or a way I could do it so nothing is lost at all?

Thank you

Welcome to the Community Forum @Genavieve_Fairbotham and thanks for reaching out!

They can convert their existing Workspace to an Organization. Please note that when they make this conversion, their Workspace will become a Team within a Organization, they will keep all their projects and tasks.

If they have difficulty converting their existing Workspace into an Organization, please contact our support team and include the following information:

  • Primary Org/Workspace
  • Email domain

I hope this helps!

Thats great Emily, thank you very much!

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