Need to connect to an existing organization

I set up my team as a workspace, supported by a paid business subscription. Someone else in our company established an organization. The workspace cannot be converted to an organization since the organization already exists. I have submitted a couple of tickets to try and get support on how to migrate an existing workspace and subscription to an existing organization and have gotten no response.

I need to onboard more people, but want to establish the organization and team set up to do so.

Can anyone help me with how to do this? I keep hitting circular logic and road blocks in following the steps in Asana Help.

Hi there @Steph_Gould ,

Our company just went through a very similar scenario (it’s been a challenge and we’re still working it out actually.)
It sounds like Asana support will have to migrate it for you. Your WORKSPACE will then become a TEAM in the organization.
I know it seems like a canned response to say things like “contact support,” but for this type of thing that’s really the best direction I can give. They can see the accounts and will be able to address your exact circumstances and needs more specifically. This process is rather complex, and unfortunately you kind of just have to wait for them to get back to you. In my experience this can be 1-3 days. (That’s not to say you can’t try putting in a new request. :wink:)

Also, The billing owner(s) must request any of these changes. You’ll need to know 1) whether the existing organization is on a free or paid plan, and 2) who the billing owner of that organization/plan is. You/they will have to decide 3) whether everyone in the organization needs the business plan/features (and charges) or just your team. That information influences how your migration will proceed. (So if you already have this info it will likely save you additional back and forth communications.)

Hope this is at least marginally helpful, and I hope they can help you get it worked out soon. :+1:t3:

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Feel free to email me at, my partner @Julien_RENAUD and I might be able to help (as Asana Solutions Partner).