how to move members in asana workspace to existing organization?

HI there! I have read through so many threads and they start out seemingly similar to my situation but truly are not. We have an organization. Two in fact. 0.0 We also have a workspace. We all have the same work email address. We tried migrating from workspace to organization but get a message that the organization already exists, or make a new one with a new email. We obviously don’t want and cannot use a different email. We’ve been getting messages that we are at the member limit for the workspace. Some members are in the workspace, some are in one of the orgs. We want everyone in one org, and we want to get rid of the other org and the workspace. Please help! Much Appreciated.

Hi @Karianne_Gray

An email domain can be associated to only 1 org, this is chy you can’t convert the workspace as there is already an existing org.
Migrations can be done by Asana, but you need to contact them directly: How to contact our Support Team ✉


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Thank you so much for your response @Julien_RENAUD. We will give them a call.

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