Converting to organization


I need some help in transforming my Asana. Actually at company we have a basic version and the 10-members team. Some of members log-in by our company e-mail address and some of them (including me) use private e-mail - especially logging in by Google Account.

We want to step up to Premium version, but prior we want to convert our current workspace to an organization. Ultimately we’d like to have only 5 premium members (with company domain address) and rest of the crew and coworkers as basic members (with their google or other e-mail addresses).

What’s the problem? Members that we want to be “premium” use their google accounts for logging-in, and members that we want to be “basic” use our company domain. How can we switch our e-mail addresses to make everything running smoothly and what should we do first - changing e-mails, converting to organization, etc?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Welcome to the Forum @Piotr_Pokorny and thank you for reaching out!

Apologies for the delay in responding here. To be able to convert your Workspace into an Organization, you first need to add your company email address to your Asana account.
Please note that Organizations require a unique domain and anyone who joins Asana using your company email domain will automatically be added to the Organization as a member.

Once you have all added your company email address, you should be able to convert your Workspace by following the steps outlined in the following Guide article.

I hope this helps @Piotr_Pokorny but if you have any issues or need further assistance during the process, please contact our Support Team, who will be more than happy to help you with this transition.

I realize this is an old thread, but just in case anyone else is still trying to find direction about converting to an organization (because I think this is the one I used for reference.)
EXERCISE CAUTION when adding your emails!
Any time a unique domain email is added, it will automatically create an organization.

I just learned this by accident when I added my company email to my existing account and inadvertently created a NEW organization. (It is raw, unattached, empty, with no information, no paid features etc.) At this point, our company now CANNOT convert from a workspace to an organization with our domain because the organization already exists!
(I couldn’t find anywhere in the user guide indicating that this sort of thing would occur. It seems like a pretty important detail that should be made more clear to prevent users creating organizations willy nilly any time they add an email.)

The solution proposed by Asana was to convert to an organization using a different domain. (How many different domains do most companies have?)
Their other idea was to migrate over the existing paid workspace into a Paid Team in a free organization (the organization that was just accidentally created by me). It is all very complex and confusing, and we’re still trying to work it out.

But hopefully my mistake will alert others that this will happen. (I wish it would have been more clear before we were told to change our emails.)