How to switch from Workspace to Organization?

Asana is exactly what I am looking for. Minus one issue. I need the functionality of Organizations. Asana is refusing to make this happen and I am stuck with Workspaces. This doesn’t work for me. I run 13 businesses. I do not currently use my own domain email (will be soon though). I need my Asana up and running though before I change to my own domain. Why does Asana force users to use Workspaces if they do not have their own domain? Seems ridiculous and I feel like I’ve wasted nearly a month with their support. I’ve been trying to reach support via email. They send me back emails with solutions that do not even relate to my issue. They also take several days to even reply. This is not good customer support. Can anyone help? Or can Asana just allow people to decide whether they want Workspace or Organization? If I am paying for this, I should have that option.

Hi @Kranglack,

Unfortunately you do need a dedicated email domain to have an Organization; that’s just how Asana was designed. It’s easy to convert from Workspace to Organization, so would it work to get started as a Workspace and then you can switch to an Organization once you get your domain email?

Or another option would be to grab some other domain and email temporarily - you can do that within a few minutes for $1, like here for example - which would let you create an Organization; then switch to your real organization domain when you get it, which you can easily do.


I would +1 Phil’s suggestion: a domain name costs nothing, you can even get away with having a single email address and create several Asana account with them (I can explain how).

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