Convert to an Organization

I’ve been playing email tag with tech support for a week. I need them to convert my workspace to an organization so I can create teams. I have done all the steps, I setup my account with my work email already and still can’t convert it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m getting pressure to get it working or cancel the product.

I think it’s pretty straightforward… I converted my workspace without having to contact support. Under your profile menu, click on ‘More’ and there is an option to convert. Make sure the correct work e-mail is checked under your profile before converting. Hope this helps.

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Hi @Jennifer_Rehagen :wave:t3:

Here is an article that shows you the steps that @Brenda has outlined above! Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks! Unfortunately I’ve tried those steps numerous times and it doesn’t work.

HI @Jennifer_Rehagen :wave:t3:I’ve checked in with our support team and can confirm they’ve received your email. They will be in you as soon as possible to get you up and running! So sorry for the inconvenience here!

Hello @marie, I have a huge favor to ask. I got a reply from tech support at 3am and I’m in CST so was asleep.

Ticket #140322

Can you push my request thru to get my VCFO workspace converted to an organization ASAP? And have them verify I can create teams?

I’ve been trying to get this resolved since March 3rd.

Any help you can give me, I would be unbelievably grateful.


Hi @Jennifer_Rehagen,

I’ve spoke to our team and you should have an answer in an hour or so, sit tight, we’re nearly there :slight_smile: