Custom Colors by Organization Defined in Admin Panel

Having custom colors defined in the admin panel for the organization would be great. This would allow the company to set the colors rather than individuals so colors stays consistent within the platform.

Defaults would be Asana for each category.

Admin can set a unique palette for Projects, Fields, Tags

I think this idea is a good compromise between offering customers custom project colors and keeping these colors consistent within an organization. It would work for us.

Today I implemented a work-around to do something like this for our small team. I installed the Stylish extension for Firefox and then I made a modified version of the native root.css file that Asana uses. After a fair bit of fiddling and hex-hunting I was able to change the 16 default colors in the style sheet (they’re just hex codes) to colors that I prefer and use Stylish to impose this modified CSS whenever we load Asana in-browser.

I’m not a web developer by any means. I think someone else could implement something similar if they had an hour or so and were willing to fuss with CSS. The page inspector feature in Firefox made this process much easier.

That being said, paying monthly for a service and then having to implement a work-around just to get basic functionality feels wrong to me. I am perplexed as to why the Asana dev team has spent five years ignoring requests for what I think should have been a feature right out of the gate.

Here’s a shot of our workspace calendar at the moment:

There’s still no way to sort tasks in the workspace calendar view, but dare I ask the dev team to do this on top of their busy schedule closing feedback threads? :upside_down_face:

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