Asana should suggest custom field palette in custom fields edit options

When using the custom field drop down menu, asana defaults on providing a different colour for each option created.
What would be good to have at the creating window of the drop down custom field, the ability to choose the colour pallet I want - or just one colour for all options. This could make it more efficient. Any thoughts?

Something like this:
PS: this feels like a deja-vu!!:man_facepalming:t2::joy::rofl::joy:

Oh yeah I do have a thought and you won’t like it: stop using color everywhere!

When I see a dropdown of departments in a company for example, all colored, I die a little inside.

Why would “IT” be red and “Accounting” green? When you look at your project, it looks like a rainbow, and colors don’t make sense anymore. You don’t see the overdue tasks anymore because all those “IT” red tag pop up. And any overdue tasks from accounting is fine, because accounting is green :sweat_smile:

New request: remove entirely the default color palette for custom fields, and let people hand-pick colors if they really want them =)

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See I come from a different working school and I disagree with you.

It is not one size fits all. While I would not colour IT blue and Account red, the ability to colour code based on the type of custom field I am using brings the project to life, especially when you use the board as a visual in your meetings.

That is why having the ability to choose which pallet would work … for instance, I am working on a branding project and would like to have everything related with that certain custom field to be shades of blue … :wink:

Regardless, we agree on one thing: when creating a custom field, I should have the flexibility to have them all white or all grey or whatever colour I choose, rather than asana giving them the random colour code :relieved:

I agree with you, having shades would be interesting but it should not be « please should your shade » but rather « please say you really want colors and then choose a shade » :sweat_smile:

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Hahahahahaha 100%

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Great feedback @Rashad_Issa thanks for sharing it! I’ve slightly edited the title of your request to make it more discoverable and will post an update here if this is something we decide to implement!

Excellent! Thanks a lot Marie :+1:t4: