🤯 The most confusing custom field I have ever seen

When I tell my clients that colors are important and they convey meaning, I am not joking. Just looking at the custom field makes me cringe.

Capture d’écran 2020-12-24 à 07.41.32

My biggest advices to every Asana user are:

  • stop using colors everywhere
  • use them accordingly
  • red is bad, green is good, no exception
  • when you look at your project, what should struck you are High priorities and overdue tasks. Nothing else.

PS: that is a real custom field I saw yesterday during a session with a client :slight_smile: we had a good laugh about it :rofl:

:fr: Version française


A green urgent just made me cringe too, lol. Colors should be there to expedite one’s visual review, completely agree, they shouldn’t be used everywhere, otherwise you’ve defeated their purpose.

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Haha indeed, have seen a bunch of similar ones also already :joy:


LOL Yes, red is always be urgent… Or at least a version of it.

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:joy: :joy: Colors are important indeed. Inspiring post, thank you.

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Yet the standard out of the box priority field doesn’t conform to the industry standard of High = Red, Meduim = Amber and Low = Green. Go figure :grinning:

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haha that cracked me up. Great PM joke:)

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