Create follow up tasks from mobile app



For me, one of the most used features on a daily basis is the creation of follow up tasks.

The thing is that I feel handicapped when using the mobile app, as I can’t create follow up tasks or reminders from it.

I think it would be I great addition to benefit the entire asana community.


I voted for this too. But we might have to be patient on this one :wink: As far as I can tell, the Follow-up Task is still an experimental “hack” feature, so when it goes mainstream it’s probably just a matter of time before it comes down to the mobile app too.

In the meantime I just have a private project that I create my own Follow-up tasks in via the app, and @mention the original task in the description. Not super quick, but saves having to use a separate app like a calendar to remember to chase something up.

The app rocks! :muscle:


I would love this feature as well - helps me keep my inbox clean while knowing what I need to go back and take a look at.