How do I access Asana from my iPad without using the App?


Our company just started using Asana. I do most of my work from my iPad when I am on the road. I often do NOT want to use the iPad Asana App because it is not fully featured. How do I access my Asana acount via my Safari browser from my iPad? Every time I try, it insists on directing me to the App.

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I figured it out. You have to delete the Asana App from your iPad then make sure you avoid using the Safari browser. I downloaded a Firefox Browser, went to the Asana website and when it tried to redirect me to the deleted App I used the menu bar in the upper right to request the desktop site. Bingo, it worked fine and gave access to all the featuers.


This is an unfortunate workaround. This tells me the iPad app is basically useless.


The Asana App is definitely useless on an iPad but it may prove handy to check in on things from your iPhone, whose small screen couldn’t handle the desktop view.

Has anybody successfully done this in Chrome? I’d rather not download ANOTHER browser. Ugh.

Never mind. I’m an idiot.

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That reduces Asana to a basic to-do list.


Bye bye Asana iPad app!


Yes, the iPad & iPhone apps could be more fully featured, and I hope things change on that front in the future. I still use them for reference or small stuff if I’m out and about.

However, if you want fully featured Asana on your mobile, you can choose “Request Desktop Site” in the browser. Here’s how (with screenshots below):

Safari for iOS. Navigate to, then hold your finger on the refresh icon. Click “Request Desktop Site”. Done.

Chrome for iOS. Navigate to, then tap the More icon at far right. Click “Request Desktop Site”. Done.

Due to the nature of touch devices and the way interaction is done on websites, though, the web app is kinda frustrating to use for checking off tasks and such. Thankfully, I can spend most of my time on my laptop and in the iPhone app to get things done.


Can you remove that message that tells me to download the app? It’s really annoying to have to request the desktop mode each time!

I do use the iOS app but it’s lacking features which for me are essential so I also need to use the desktop version.

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Thank you for posting this.

So tired of being forced into apps that are crippled versions of programs.


I think the iOS app works really well for what it’s designed for. I use it often when on the go. I get notifications just like Whatsapp and it works well for me. Of course it’s not as fully featured that the desktop app and there’s room for improvement. But it’s not designed to be a desktop replacement. In the rare cases when I need some feature not on iOS, I can just pop into the desktop version (Thanks @Joe_Thomas) and do my thing. In fact, if you have an iPad Pro, with a lot of real estate, you could well work on the desktop version all the time.
The Asana Dev team is constantly improving the app. Let’s see how they make the iOS app even better in the future.


iOS App Revamp!

Attn: all Asana users! If you didn’t get the announcement from Asana, the Asana iOS apps have gotten a makeover for iOS 11, and it’s a 10,000x improvement! Check out the blog announcement: New Updates to Asana iPad and iPhone Apps for iOS 11


We’re new to Asana and are evaluating it as we consider a switch from Basecamp 2. I’m writing from my iOS 11 iPad mini and have to say that I’m very disappointed by the lack of functionality in the Asana app, especially when compared to Basecamp 2.

What if I need to update progress on a project from the road? I just logged into the Asana via my browser using the steps outlined here in order to do that as the app was useless.

Perhaps the iOS 11 app is an improvement - I didn’t see the previous version - but it’s still got a long way to go from what I can tell.

Am I missing something?

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agree that the iPad app is nearly unusable


It is a mass, you cannot Admin your Profile, Email Settings etc… and you cannot Access the asana Web Service on an ipad, it forces you to use the App ???


If you cannot install Chrome or Firefox, since they also require iOS 10 and above, try using Microsoft Edge, to stick it to Apple!

Also Dolphin Browser installs if you’re not that way inclined.

Both have options to view the Desktop version of the site, which you will need in order to access the Asana web app.

Sadly, I’d be more than happy if the iPad app was just the web app wrapped up to look like an app, perhaps with notifications and contacts integration thrown in.

If I’m on the ipad then I sometimes want to just use the site as normal, and other times want to jack up the font size, focus on a list (tab X) and use it as a presentation. The web app does both those things.

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thx bro you just saved me

It is absolutely useless - the the point I would leave asana if. I could not access it through the browser.

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