How do I access Asana from my iPad without using the App?

It’s impossible to access Asana from a mobile browser. Unbelievable.

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It’s possible. Select desktop version on any browser to view.


Look at Joe_Thomas post above, May '17

That doesn’t work for me. Mobile Safari says the browser is not up to date after logging in and Firefox (desktop version) takes me straight to the app after entering my log in credentials. Any other idea?

No action shown by Asana on this issue in over 2.5 years!!!

The iPad Pro app is not allowing some core features that I need to use daily. It is extremely clunky to keep on asking for the Desktop version of the browser, as it forces the switch to the app even before logging in.

Come on, Asana! We need this


You have to uninstall the native iOS Asana app in order to use the web app version of Asana. You’ll have to set your browser to Desktop mode to get the full app. If you don’t delete the native app, as you noticed, the Asana website forces you into the half-featured iPad/iPhone app and won’t load the desktop web app.

This drives me crazy . I have an iPad Pro. I had to have a tablet for Reasons and the iPad Pro mostly operates like a slightly crappy laptop, mostly due to the fact that all of its software is iPhone apps that aren’t designed for large screens, keyboards, etc. Google and Microsoft office apps have this problem too. The ipad apps are so attenuated vs the browser apps, and Google also forces you into its native iOS Docs / Sheets / Slides, which are designed for light review and text-editing on an iPhone — not a fullscreen ipad with keyboard. Same solution; uninstall the native iOS apps and you can use the full-featured browser version.

If you don’t have the capacity for a really good native iPad app, then for pity’s sake, if I go to the trouble to open Asana in my browser, don’t force me into the app!


Solution for ios (also for ipad?) without uninstalling the app… (a variation on what Joe Thomas originally published)

  1. On your phone, open Safari > Go to
  2. Log in - yes this will redirect to the app but at least now you’re “logged in”
  3. Go back to Safari and go again to
  4. It’ll show you the blue woman on the bus pic w/button to “Open in the Asana app”
  5. Now, tap the Safari’s aA icon at top left and choose “Request Desktop Website”


  1. Tap the aA again and select “Website Settings”
  2. Turn on ‘Request Desktop Website’ (while viewing

It’s a little tricky to navigate the website, even from my larger iphone XS screen, so few tips:

A. ***You’ll need to work with left sidebar collapsed to see the whole screen - sometimes can’t swipe left to get to the right side of the page (dashboard, task info…) - only open it for navigation (or used search)
B. Turn the phone 90 degrees to see longer lines
C. Use the same aA icon from instructions above to make the size larger (good thing that only applies to that specific Safari page)

Other tips for using the website version on mobile…?


For what it’s worth Karen, this still doesn’t seem to work on iPads. If the app is there, it doesn’t give you the option not to use it.


Bummer! It worked for me. I wonder what’s different… :thinking:

Same for me. Forces me to use the app. Deleted the app and tries to download the app. Request desktop site doesn’t work. iPad Pro w/chrome

Forced app installed is absolute nonsense. Did anyone from Asana respond? There’s a lot of people in this forum. Agree^ with whoever said Asana is a to-do list without desktop site on mobile. I don’t care how they think it will load. It’s 2023. People want options. Get with it.

You saved me! Thanks