Mobile web-browser support

Is iOS browsers no longer supported? I tried to open up asana in Chrome (latest version i can download on an iPhone) and i get an error that the browser isn’t supported.

there are certain features that are not available on the iphone app and I need to be able to access my Asana tasks on the go.

Did something change?

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Hi @gf11, thanks for reaching out.

Mobile browser access to Asana is no longer supported. You would need to utilise the mobile apps to use Asana on the go.

I’ve gone ahead and passed your feedback on to our Product team. I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

Hi. @Rebecca_McGrath. From my point of view, it seems that not all functions in the PC browser are in the Android app. For work, I use Asana most of the time on an 10" or larger Android tab. It would be nice to be able to use Asana as a browser on the Galaxy Tab. Can I ask to check once?

I’d love to see browser access reenabled for iOS users. iPad is such a great way to use Asana, and I very much want to use some of the features that I use on the computer. For example, I have the my tasks page set up on the computer to show the tags column which is quite central to how I work. The app does not support tags as a column on my tasks page, rather bizarrely. I’d love to see this fixed either by allowing mobile browser access or by enabling the tabs column in the mobile app.
PS premium user if it matters

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I would be up for mobile web browser support as well, as I get the message that I can’t download the app due to mobile device incompatibility.

Based on the older post I linked below, this is probably due to having a too old Android version (8.1.0, Brand: Oppo)

Any tips and tricks how to work around this issue?

This made me immediately delete the app as it was the last hope for making the mobile web work. Since it doesn’t I’m now looking for alternatives to Asana altogether. Not being able to use the web when the app is inadequate is a dealbreaker. Now get back to work and either fix the app or fix the website.

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I refuse to install the app on principal alone. There’s no compelling reason to block mobile web browsers.

Absolutely agree on reenabling mobile browser access, especially as admins cant access the admin console with mobile. If my team has a problem and I don’t have a computer with me, I I have no chance to assist. Please acknowledge and accept that users will not be forced to use the devices you choose for them. Please reinstate mobile access to asana browser.