Using Asana in Chrome on iPad

Does Asana or anyone have a fix on how to access Asana on Chrome on an iPad? I don’t like to use the Asana app because the Everhour time tracking integration for Asana is much easier to use on Chrome - you just go to your task start the timer and go. I noticed that I could open Asana on Safari on my iPad but Everhour doesn’t have the integrations for Safari, plus using Safari made my Google Workspace integrations very clunky and no fun to use. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there any chance Asana will be fixing this issue anytime soon? Our team is just about to wrap up our Asana trial and we were just getting the hang of Everhour within Asana - it would suck to have to switch PM softwares or time keeping apps at this point. Thanks, Hoping for a Fix Soon

Based on my quick research, you can have Google Chrome on the iPad but not the Chrome extensions… So I guess there is no solution sorry :frowning: