Everhour for the Desktop App

I was wondering if the Everhour integration will work with the Asana native desktop app. I love the app, but our team can not use it because of the missing Everhour budgets and timekeeping.

Hi @Tracy_Goodhue

All the other integrations seem to work with the desktop app are you saying the Everhour one doesnt?


That is correct. The budgets we set in Everhour do not appear on the projects and we can’t log time through the Asana app like we can in the web versions.


Same thing happening for us. I tried deauthorizing and reauthorizing the Everhour app and resyncing it all and it still is not showing up in the Desktop app like the web version.

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Agree with @Tracy_Goodhue We have the same problem. The problem is that the everhour app is a chrome integration that overlay on the page, and this cannot be done in the desktop app. This will be the case for any Chrome extension working with Asana


@Paul_Grobler so I am guessing the only solution is to not use the desktop app.

I’m jumping between the desktop and a chrome tab. So I feel your frustration. Wish I had a solution for you.

Thanks @Paul_Grobler. I also reached out to Everhour and received the response that they are not planning on integrating with the desktop app at this time. I guess that answers that!


That is sorry to hear. Will have to look at my options

Our team also uses the Everhour integration, so we won’t be able to use the desktop app. Pity, it would have been handy :-1:

Sigh Years ago I posited that Asana’s behavioural switch to opening workspaces in new tabs was due to an eventual Desktop app. Well here it is and I’m stoked. Was stoked.

The only integration I use is Toggl which seems to be suffering the same fate as Everhour. @Paul_Grobler said he’s jumping back in forth which I had resorted to as well but in the end… what’s the point?

Desktop app, I want to love you but…

@Tyler_Yanta I feel your pain. Have you looked at Harvest? Asana Time Tracking Integration - Harvest

that is helpful we are currently checking on moving from Harvest to Everhour because of all the added functionalities in Asana rather than having a separate space to use all the time. Did they say why they are not planning on integrating with the desktop app? Sounds to me as if that is really needed!

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Unfortunately, they did not. However I believe it is because Everhour works from a browser plugin. You won’t have that with a desktop app.

Hi Paul - do you know if Harvest work in the desktop app? I currently use Everhour as well.

@Jeanine_Scott1 Yes, Harvest does work but not as well as Everhour in the browser

What a shame that Asana finally launched a desktop app and Everhour is not joining the party. Either they lose a bunch of subscriptions, or more likely fewer people will use the desktop app.

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Yeah - I never use the desktop app. It’s too cumbersome.

The response I have received from Everhour

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately, we do not integrate into the Asana desktop or mobile app, only in the web version where we use browser extension functionality. This technology does not work with apps, and Asana gives us no direct access yet to build support for our time tracking controls.

This may change over time in case Asana will modify their app which allows us integrate. Feel free to send them a feature request to bring their attention that people want to see Everhour in Asana apps :slight_smile:

We switched to Everhour in September and are pretty happy with it. This is by far the biggest downside. We’re desktop app users as Asana is too important to get lost in tabs. However, not being able to use Everhour in the desktop app is a problem. We need tighter time tracking integration. Are there any plans from Asana to add support for extensions in the app?